01-07-2010 - MTFF: How To Set Goals That Can Change Your Life
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MTFF: How To Set Goals That Can Change Your Life Sent Thursday, January 7, 2010 
January 7th 2010
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A Note From Julie

Well, , it is still the first week in January; how many New Year's resolutions are you still sticking to? Chances are that there are some that have bitten the dust already. Even those with years of experience with goal setting seem to find it hard to set resolutions they stick to.

So what is the secret to making the changes last? This week's article covers some key things a goal, should have to give anyone a fighting chance of success.

If your teenager's resolutions include things like working harder, getting better grades, or having more control over their time. Then look at the elements in the article and make sure they are included in their plans.
I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter.

Wishing you a very happy New Year
Julie Baird
The Grade Coach


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    How to Set Goals That Can Change Your Life.

    Change is hard! Don't let anyone kid you. Ask anyone who has ever tried to give up smoking, lose weight or get fit! Even when we know it will do us good, sometimes it is just plain painful.

    And yet, change is necessary. It keeps us from stagnating, or worse, moving backward. If your life is not exactly your ideal, then you want to change to move in that direction. For your teenager they may genuinely want to change, to do better, or to feel less overwhelmed, but unless they get the right help and support to help them set goals for those changes, they are unlikely to happen.

    Many times, just after a report card comes home, I hear the promises "I'll do better from now on", "I'll try harder", and "I'll be more focused".

    My question is "How are you going to make that happen?"

    Good intentions are a wonderful place to start. It shows that the current situation is not okay. Now the challenge is to set goals to make sure the changes happen.

    Goals need to be SMART.

    Specific: Goals have to be very narrowly focused. Studying harder is no good. Committing to studying for a set time period each night on a specific subject, or taking part in a study group each week are examples of much more specific goals that are easier to keep up.

    Measurable: There has to be some form of measurement. Whether it is hours, pages read, homework assignments handed in on time etc. Just make sure that the measurement drives the right behavior.  Don't set a time measure on studying if your teenager is a daydreamer.

    Achievable: They have to feel they can achieve the goals that have been set, otherwise they may not even try.

    Realistic: Try and make the goals input based, something they can control, rather than relying on grades coming back from school, and being at the mercy of inconsistent marking. That way success is within their own grasp. The grades will follow.

    Timely: Set a time target within the goal. When do you expect the improvement to be showing the results? Make sure this is not too far away. If it is a large goal that will take a long time, consider breaking it down into smaller steps. But also don't be too tight with the time, set them up for success.
    Help your teenager to set SMART goals and help them track their success as the year progresses. Then sit back and watch their talents shine through.
    If you feel your teenager would like some help with goal setting or any other area of time management and organization then give me a call and we can work out how best to help them achieve their potential.

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