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Sept 16th 2010

A Note From Julie

Hi ,
Over the past few weeks I know I have been over committed. All the Fall activities are in full swing for 3 kids. My parents are visiting from Scotland, and my husband is traveling. I seem to spend hours each week just working out how I am going to get everyone to the right place at the right time in the right gear. (I have given up caring if it is clean!).
It struck me that at this time of year over commitment seems to be a common problem as students and their parents sign up for activities. This forms the theme for this week's articles about over commitment. As usual drop by my blog and leave your comments.
As well as the article below there are more in this week's blog. Check it out and leave your comments and some of your own tips  http://thegradecoach.com/coach/blog
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How to turn things round when you get over committed

It is easy to get sucked in at this time of year. Signups for all sorts of activities are on the go and each one looks more tempting than the last.
This one looks fun, that one would be good on your record; friends are asking you to join them in their choices too. A part time job is attractive to your finances. Add to that the actual schoolwork that needs to be completed and it is easy to become over committed.
Humans tend to be naturally optimistic about what we can achieve. And when it comes to getting from one place to another in time for the next commitment, the laws of space and time somehow seem irrelevant.
Unfortunately all this optimism helps us come crashing down as we frantically scramble from one thing to the next and end up short changing all our commitments.
People react to this in different ways. Some just accept that they will always be late and forget the impact that has on others. Some get stressed out but still try to keep all the balls in the air. Others shut down completely and try to hide from the situation.
But what is a better long term approach?
Well, obviously thinking ahead of time about how everything will fit in is the best solution - but how about if you have already gotten yourself tied in knots?
First, take a deep breath! Next get out your planner. Make sure it has all your classes in it. Next put in blocks of time for studying and assignments. These may need to move but over a week you can rough out the number of hours you need to keep free for this.
Next use pieces of paper or sticky notes and use them to block out time for each commitment. Use a different color for each if possible. Make sure you include not only each activity you are committed to but also travel time, and time outside of the activity that you need to spend, for example, practicing for a sport or instrument, reading for book club, organizing events etc.
Now look at your overall schedule. Did you remember to allow time to have some down time, hang out with friends or just relax? And no, eliminating sleeping or eating is not an option!!
Get real!
There will always be times when your school load ramps up. A big project is due, finals are approaching. Your schedule needs to have enough slack in it to be able to cope with this. Does it?
If you are struggling to look objectively at this, then get a friend to look over it with you. Explain to them how you see it working and see their response. Sometimes just having to explain it out loud can make it much clearer.
If, having reviewed your schedule you feel you need to drop some activities or move them to another semester then do it early before you stress yourself out and let others down.
Remember you need to have balance in your life and now is a great time to learn how.

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