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Sept 2nd 2010

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 With 3 kids all starting new schools this year I have been seeing all the flavors of back to school stress played out under my nose. No matter how ready they are for the change, how excited they are about seeing friends again, there is always the fear of the unknown and the sadness (and resentment) over the loss of summer and freedom. I know I am not the only one whose last weeks of summer are spent in frustration and conflict! So this week's articles are around tips to help calm things down and proactively tackle the issues.

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How to overcome back to school stress and get motivated

Back to school can be a stressful time for students. There is the fear of the unknown and the sadness (and resentment) over the loss of summer and freedom.

There are also positive aspects like catching up with old friends, meeting new ones.
For those leaving home for the first time it can be a mixture of the excitement of independence mixed with the fear of having to cope alone.
So what can help with this?
Unfortunately there is no miracle cure - but I can offer some tips that may get you through the worst of it.
Visualization is a powerful weapon against many forms of stress. It is also used to help performance. Think of all those athletes who practice over and over again - in their mind.
At the University of Chicago, a study was conducted to determine the effects of visualization on the free-throw performance of basketball players.
First, the athletes were tested to determine their free-throw proficiency. They were then randomly assigned to one of three experimental groups.
The first went to the gym every day for one hour and practiced throwing free throws.
The second group also went to the gym, but instead of physically practicing, they lay down and simply visualized themselves successfully shooting.
The third group did nothing. In fact, they were instructed to forget about basketball: 'Don't touch a basketball - don't even think about it!'
At the end of 30 days, the three groups were again tested to determine their free-throw proficiency.
The players who hadn't practiced at all showed no improvement in performance; many in that group actually exhibited a drop.
Those who had physically practiced one hour each day showed a performance increase of 24 percent.
Here's the clincher: the visualization group, by merely imagining themselves successfully shooting free throws, improved 23 percent!
Imagine that. Just visualizing was almost as effective as actually physically doing the action.
Now apply that to school.
If a student can visualize themselves being successful, having a good day, making new friends, being a good student - that is half the battle.
Practicing that mentally regularly before schools startsallows the situation to be comfortable before they even arrive.
Throughout the year the visualization can support the behaviors that they want to develop. Sitting down to study, remembering information, taking tests etc
Visualization is a skill, but fortunately we are all born with it - when we are young it is called "imagination".
Get your imagination to work, imagine all the positive things you want to happen. See them clearly in your mind. Go over it till you feel it is real. Then go out and conquer the world!

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