December 17th 2009
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A Note From Julie
Julie Baird, The Grade Coach

Hi, As I wrote this weeks newsletter I was looking out of an airplane window, taking in the sights of London. As my Facebook friends know, I was on my way to deliver my Christmas gifts to my family (flying was cheaper than mailing them!) and to surprise my Mum for her birthday.
As I gazed out over Buckingham Palace and Big Ben the Captain announced that the arrival was going to be late, but we were not allowed to use any electronic equipment at this point. There were groans from everyone on the plane. It didn’t especially bother me, I had a number of hours to kill before my flight to Edinburgh anyway. However it got me thinking about committed time and how we can choose to spend it.

This weeks article looks at how much time we actually spend wasting – waiting, traveling etc and how students can use it to create more fun time later.

As usual I will be developing this topic more in my blog as the week progresses.

I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter.

Wishing you happiness & success
Julie Baird
The Grade Coach


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    How to Use a Doctor's Appointment to Make More Time For Fun

    We all have moments during the day when we are stuck in a place, or traveling, with nothing to do but sit there. In other words, committed time.

    Take a typical week and add up the time that your teenager spends:
    • Traveling to and from school
    • Traveling to and from activities
    • Waiting for classes to start
    • Waiting for appointments
    • Waiting for a ride
     …Add other examples from your life

    How much time did that add up to? Now imagine all that extra time is time they could spend doing something they love – discuss it with them, how does it make them feel? Annoyed? Cheated?

    Get them to claim back that committed time and use it on activities that they would be doing anyway at a later time.

    For Example
    • Updating action lists and planner
    • Reading assignments
    • Drafting reports and projects
    • Listening to audio books
    • Lighter weight homework
    You will no doubt be able to think of many other examples once you start seeing the opportunities.

    To make this happen, help your teen to gather things together that they can do in short bursts and keep a folder handy at all times so they can use those odd moments. Photocopy pages from books they need to read so the whole book doesn’t have to come along.

    Using committed time productively means your teenager will have to spend less time on working and studying later, leaving more time to have fun.

    So, next time your teenager has a doctors appointment, how will they spend their time in the waiting room?

    Watch out for more articles covering how to use committed time in my blog this week

    This week covers uses for committed time, how it can be used to be more productive and more organized.  Visit throughout the week or become a fan of The Grade Coach on facebook to get the articles as they are posted.

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