02-04-2010 - MTFF: How Your Learning Style Affects Your Time Management
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MTFF: How Your Learning Style Affects Your Time Management Sent Thursday, February 4, 2010 
February 4th 2010
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A Note From Julie


I can't believe it is February already. Last weekend we had our huge Scottish party and that officially closes January for us. We had over 90 people in our house and as you can imagine we had to do quite a bit of preparation and clearing up afterwards. As we were approaching this task it really brought home the different styles we have within our family.  I love to have everything on a list that we score through as we complete each task, my husband likes to visualize the end result and just get on with it, and my kids like to hear me tell them exactly what they need to do next.  After much butting of heads and frayed tempers we have come to learn this about each other, and now we work round everyone's needs.

Knowing your preferred style is important when trying to achieve tasks and also when understanding how you can work best and manage your time. This week's article covers learning styles and over the next few weeks I will go into each one in more detail. As usual my blog will go into a lot more depth as the weeks progress.I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter.
Wishing happiness and success

Julie Baird


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    How Your Learning Style Can Impact Your Time

    I recently did a talk at North Eastern University and I was amazed to find that the majority of the students in the freshman class did not know their preferred learning style.

    There are a number of learning style models around but my favorite is VARK, developed by Neil FLeming. Technically it is a learning preference model. It uses 16 questions to help you identify how you best prefer to learn.

    The styles are Visual, Auditory, Read/Write and Kinesthetic. I like this model because it splits visual into written (read/ write) and pictures and diagrams (Visual).

    Those with a Visual  preference work best with diagrams and pictures; they would rather map things out than write a list. They use lots of colors and symbols, their books may be filled with lots of doodling. Visual students I know love to use mind mapping to translate all the text in books into pictures they can visualize.

    Those with an Auditory preference work best with spoken instructions. They love to have music on while they study. They will absorb information by reading aloud to themselves or by explaining to others. My daughter is an auditory learner and works well in a group where ideas are discussed or she is in the role of teacher.

    Read/Write learners are ideally suited for an academic life. They love reading information and taking notes. They may be list makers. This is my preferred style and I would rather read a transcript that listen to a tape of the same speech.

    Kinesthetic learners are very practical. They need to be able to see the practical application of what they are doing. Physical activity helps to key things into their brains.When my son was younger we used to get him to write spelling words in trays of flour. Now labs and practical experiments are his forte.

    For me knowing your learning style gives a number of key benefits

    You can use that to tailor how you study so you don't need to study for as long for the same results

    You can be on the lookout for ways to take notes so that studying is easier

    You can identify the danger areas that you know are going to require extra effort

    You can pair up with a study buddy who compliments your style so you can have a complete picture

    You can personalize your systems to match your learning style so they are more effective

    There is no right or wrong style. It is just important that each student understands their own preference and how it can be made to work in their favor.

    Start by identifying your style.

    It is simple to do. Just go to the website below. Fill out the questionnaire and follow the directions to get the results

    The younger version of the learning styles questionnaire can be taken at http://www.vark-learn.com/documents/The%20VARK%20Questionnaire%20-%20Younger.pdf

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