November 19th 2009
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A Note From Julie
Julie Baird, The Grade Coach
Well, it was bound to happen, as soon as I got everyone else in the house healthy, I lost my voice! My family says that it is their reward for putting up with my nagging them while they were ill!

It was progress report week in our town last week and as always there were a variety of expressions on the faces of both parents and students. I am always amazed how clearly you can see a student’s preference when looking through their grades. You can see not only what subjects the like and don’t like but even what types of assignments they enjoy and which ones they only do kicking and screaming.
This week’s article is about going deeper and tapping into that knowledge so that even the dreaded assignments can be handled with ease.

As always my blog will develop more on this subject as the week progresses. You can visit it here http://thegradecoach/coach/blog/

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter

Wishing you happiness & success
Julie Baird
The Grade Coach


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 Knowing What You Like Helps You Tackle What You Hate!

Good time management, all starts with understanding yourself. What you like doing; what you don't like doing; what are your good times; what are your bad times; what turns you on; what turns you off

The more you understand yourself the easier it is to plan around your preferences; to make schoolwork a breeze. Sure, you're always going to have to do things you don't enjoy. That's life -- suck it up -- it's character building! But if you know what those things are, you can watch over it and try to do something to take away the pain. Rewards for finishing, choosing to do in a team, or choosing an approach that means will enjoy it, are all things that some of my students have done to try and make things easier to handle.

So to be more self-aware, try this exercise:
List the things you like doing, and the things you don't like doing in two columns on a sheet of paper.

Look at the list of things you like doing. Why is it you like doing them. Jot down a few thoughts.
What about the other side. What is it about those you don’t like doing that makes them ones you would rather avoid? Again jot down a few thoughts.

Next, consider the reasons you don’t like doing those tasks and see if there is any way you could modify how they are done to make them more appealing. Use the note you made on the like side for ideas.

For example. Perhaps you hate to study science, you know you need to do it, so how do you make it easier for yourself. If you are a social person, try forming a study group. If you enjoy being artistic, re write your notes in a very creative way. Use music to help you get though, or read aloud and tape it so you can listen while exercising.

There is no end to the variations. The trick is to spend a little time finding what will work for you.

Watch out for more articles on how what you like affects your time in my blog.

This week covers how knowing yourself can help you work more effectively and cut down the time you spend on homework. Visit throughout the week or become a fan of The Grade Coach on Facebook to get the articles as they are posted.

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