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Julie Baird, The Grade Coach
Well, Fall has definitely arrived in Massachusetts. The leaves are turning and there is a definite bite to the air. Stores have not only got their Halloween stock front and centre, but their Christmas decorations are appearing too. Looking ahead at this busy season it is easy to panic with all the things that need to be done. Not to mention the end of term deadlines that schools seem so fond of. His week I am taking a step back and planning in all the projects I have got going on so I don’t get overwhelmed. This week’s article is some advice on how students (and their parents for that matter) can use planning to stay ahead of the game.
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Are you sick of your child coming home with grades that don’t show how smart they really are? Are you tired of seeing them up all hours of the night trying to keep up with the work? Have they ever lost grades because they forgot about a test? Had no time to study? Forgot their books? Had too many things to do? Got distracted?

If any of this sounds familiar I recommend Time Management for Students E-Course. This is an 8 week course delivered right to your student’s e mail. Each week there is a short lesson (about 15minutes) and an assignment to tailor the learning to their needs.

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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!

by juliebaird on October 5, 2009


overloadPlanning time can be one of the most tricky and yet most beneficial aspects of time management.

Planners can be a life saver, or they can actually waste time depending on how you use them. Here are some tips to help you select and use the kind that will help you best.

Get a planner that you like to use. Whether it is the one the school gave you, a beat up journal, a pretty planner from staples or a high tech device, pick something that you WILL USE. It needs to be portable and have certain features. I have included a checklist of features. But above all else if it is not used it is worthless.    Read More ........

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