What example are you setting your kids?

by Julie Baird on January 18, 2011

I just read an article from Radical Parenting about the impact parents can have on their kids from as early as 6 days old!  While the article covers emotional issues like depression it made me think about the wider opportunities we have to influence our kids behaviors.

Think about how you handle your time and your workload..

  • Are you ever late?
  • Do you miss commitments and deadlines?
  • Do you always seem to be rushing around harassed?

If you do experience these symptoms sometimes then you might want to consider the example you are setting your kids.

It is easy for students to look at you and consider that this is normal – it’s just the way life is, if Mom/Dad can’t get their time under control why should I bother trying?

I sat at a meeting in a High School last week and a Mom was complaining about the hard line the school took over missing work and being late to school. Her argument was that she found it hard to get places on time and that if she only forgot a couple of things a month she would be delighted with that performance. Now in my house, if my daughter heard me say that, it would be taken as a free pass to be late and miss homework.

The highest standard we can expect is the lowest example we set

We all try to be good role models for our kids for many aspects of our lives. We don’t drink and drive, we don’t text in the car, we wear seat belts, use appropriate language etc We try to demonstrate the behaviors we expect of them as they devlop into responsible adults.

So why do we not do the same for our time management behaviors?

If you feel you and your child share time management issues, why not sit down together and share ideas on how you both can make some changes to help. If you want some help then check out the Time Management E-Course for students. Go through it together and agree what tips will work for each of you. You can then support each other through the changes.

The added benefit is that your child can see that this is something that you see is important but it is not just their problem.

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How to keep some balance over the holidays

by Julie Baird on December 20, 2010

This is a difficult week to get anything useful done. Everyone is gearing up for Christmas or whatever holiday they celebrate. The roads are busy, stores are packed and kids are getting higher by the day with the excitement.

It is difficult to stay focused on anything.

For most college students, school has closed and holiday plans have already started. Some High schools are also out, and the new year seems far away.

But most have some work to do over the break. End of year finals may have brought home areas that need some focused improvement, projects and assignments need to be completed.

And yet, there is all the fun to be had. All the friends to catch up with, parties to go to and family traditions to uphold.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
— Michael Altshuler

At this time of year balance is more important than at almost any other time, and without a plan that balance can be easily lost.

Take a few minutes now to schedule in the work you need to do, the obligations you know about and even the parties that you have planned. Consider the other activities you want to do during the break and set time aside for those too.

This does not need to be a strict plan that you adhere to with military precision, it is merely a tool to help you get what you want from the vacation.

After all, you don’t want to miss out on your final goodbyes to all your friends because it clashes with your family plans, or because you still have that assignment to finish.

So take charge this holiday and make sure you can have as much fun as possible, get your obligations dealt with and return to school in the new year rested and ready to go.


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