How to keep motivated when getting things done

November 16, 2010

When trying to get things done you can sometimes be your own worst enemy. Finding a friend who can become an accountability partner is a great technique to help keep you motivated

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How to clear your mind of the niggling stuff

November 16, 2010

The more little tasks you have lurking around the more of your brain becomes distracted by them. Action Days are an opportunity to cluster the little tasks together and clear them off your plate.

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions

November 12, 2010

Putting time in up front to save time later can be a great investment, but you have to watch out for a few pitfalls along the way

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How to slash time spent on assignments

November 10, 2010

A lot of students spend a lot of unnecessary time on assignments. By approaching it differently and clustering activities you can save a lot of time.

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Don’t Waste Time – Good Enough is Good Enough!

October 20, 2010

Next time you are agonizing over a project or a task and you feel you just need more time to get it just right, think about Star Wars Cakes and consider whether good enough is in fact good enough.

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Top ten biggest time wasters and how to avoid them

October 18, 2010

The key to getting on top of your time is to learn what your biggest time wasters are and put things in place to try and minimize their impact. That way you can get your work done in the least amount of time and have free time to spend how you wish.

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How to boost your productivity by getting your timing right

October 15, 2010

Knowing your most effective time for your routine activities and using that to plan your work, you will ramp up your productivity and have time left over

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3 Habits to Supercharge your Homework Time

October 13, 2010

Students who manage to fly through their homework while still getting great grades have certain ways of doing things that you would be smart to try.

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3 Steps to stop your time disappearing

October 11, 2010

By being aware of how you spend your time and using that awareness to make choices, you can achieve a greater level of control over your time

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How do you prioritize your friends drama against a science test?

September 28, 2010

So you have a bunch of stuff you have to get through, it seems like you are never going to get everything done…. where do you start?

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