College Skills

College is a time when new skills are required. Studying takes on a whole different perspective, but added to that are other new areas. Living away from home, handling finances, paying bills, household chores and so the list goes on.

It can be very easy to lose focus and start following priorities that better fit someone else .

A colleague of mine Beverly Coggins, who is a professional organizer, has developed some great programs for students in college. These programs help you get the most out of your college years!

You will determine your priorities, passions, and gifts, and create a plan that reflects them.

Your life will be guided by your own priorities rather than those of other people.

You’ll end up getting good grades, managing your money, yourself and your time, finding a career that fits you, and HAVING FUN!!!

The bonus section provides study tips for acing your classes!

Check it out at this link Time Mgt College Students

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