Attention Concerned and Frustrated Parents…

Here’s your chance to learn specific strategies to help your child get the grades they deserve with less stress!

  • Does your child get overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork required?
  • Do they find meeting deadlines a struggle?
  • Do you find your child working into the nights cramming for tests?
  • Is less and less time being spent with friends?
  • Do you find it difficult to keep track of their progress?
  • Do you know your child is smart but the grades don’t reflect this?
  • Do you find yourself constantly nagging and fighting with your child?
  • Are you concerned about how they will cope in college or if they will even get in?
  • Are you ready to tear your hair out (or choke your child!)?
  • Do you wish someone could just step in and sort them out for you?

Announcing Julie’s NEW

“Focused Time Management System for Students” Home Study Program

your roadmap to the secrets of successful students

From: Julie Baird
Franklin, MA. USA

Dear fellow frustrated parent,

I feel the anxiety you are feeling now, about how my kids will cope with the pressures of school and life.
I also worry about how they will survive as the pressure mounts the older they get. Not to mention the frustration that I know they are capable of so much, but are getting stressed out.

For 15 years, I had been working in corporate environments developing and delivering training courses for managers and executives on how to improve their effectiveness and productivity. Although I got great satisfaction helping these overloaded and stressed out people I was constantly frustrated by the stress I saw that could be solved with some simple techniques.

It could all have been avoided if they had been introduced to it earlier.

At the same time my kids were progressing through school and I was frustrated that they were not being taught these skills at a point in their development when it would help them with their studies. Then I got a chance to work with some students from North Eastern University in Boston and it was like a light bulb going off in my brain. Here were people I could really help, at a time in their lives when they were still open to new ideas, when their habits were not ingrained.

Students today are under more stress than we ever were and I have the skills to help them cope.

As a result I have since made a commitment to help students who are overwhelmed. Helping them learn the time management and organization skills that will allow them to get back in control and get the grades they deserve with much less stress. I have been doing this through my workshops, products, groups and private coaching.

Since then, I’ve worked with a large number of students, spoken in front of countless groups, and have created The Focused Time Management System™ for Students; a series of 7 important practice-building steps every students needs to apply to get in control of their time and make it work for them.

It is not just about a few tips about procrastination!

You can learn tips anywhere, just do a Google search on time management tips and you will be inundated with responses. But unfortunately that will not build the behaviors that are needed for long term success.

The Focused Time Management System for Students builds behaviors and skills, not just for school, but for life.

In the course of working with literally hundreds of people I have discovered that giving people some time management tools does help in the short term, but it doesn’t last. It’s like trying to lose weight, when you are all enthusiastic in the start but then it tails off! Building time management and organizational skills is about changing behaviors for a lasting effect.

By building the right behaviors now, your child will not have the constant battle to stay in control throughout their life. School work and activities will slot into place and as they progress these same skills will put them ahead of the game in their chosen careers.

The Focused Time Management System for Students is designed to identify and strengthen the good habits your child already has as well as build strong behaviors to replace the bad ones.

Let me show you how you can make this difference in your child’s life

All really successful people utilize a coach to bring their potential to the fore, and stop getting in their own way. You would not dream of learning a sport without a coach. Learning the time management and organization skills to succeed in school is no different. It is a skill to be learned.

Without this skill your child is getting in their own way.

You Can Become Your Child’s Coach

In the Focused Time Management System for Students Home Study Program you get a step by step “play book” that you can use to guide your child through the lessons.

In this program you will learn:

• How identify and use their learning styles, to make studying easier

• How to tap into what motivates them so it is all much less stressful

• How to play to their strengths and recognize their weaknesses so that great grades come naturally

• How to use what they know about themselves to develop systems and supports that are unique to their personality and style.

How Does It Work?

The entire plan is laid out for you step by step

Step 1: Clear The Decks; make Focused Time Management a priority

Your child is already overloaded so together you examine their schedule and look for how they can make room in their day to focus on getting better. Looking for non-essential “leaks” in the time bucket, things that could be put on hold to create space to work on Focused Time Management

Step 2: Understand How You Work Best

You will carry out a number of quizzes and assessments to understand how they learn, how they use time and what that means to them right now. Together you will work on understanding where their strengths are so you can tap into those as you progress.

Step 3: Create More Time

You will help them look at using time differently so that they actually have more time available in the day. They will identify what times of day are best for them to carry out specific activities and address procrastination and prioritization so that they can make good choices about how they spend that time.

Step 4: Get Laser Focused

Together you will identify all the things in their life that impact their ability to focus. You will identify tactics to overcome distractions (both internal and external) that fit with their personal style.

Step 5: Plan For Success

In this section, you will find out all about how to plan their time so they can have a balance in their life. You will work on how to integrate their personal style into their planning so it becomes part of life for them. You will address how to cope with crunch times so that they can still feel in control.

Step 6: Build Systems That Support You

Here they build personalized systems that will help them keep on the right track. They will establish system that will make it easy for them to keep up the good practices that they have adopted, so they can use their focus on getting stuff done and not worrying about it all.

Step 7: Lock in Improvement

It won’t help your child if you go through all this then let it slide, so in this section you look at how, together, you can track their progress and adapt as necessary. You will cover what measures make sense for them and what danger signs to look out for, when to get help and how to build the learning into their future plans.

  • You will have copies of the tests, quizzes and worksheets that I use when I personally coach students.

  • You will have a flowsheet to guide you through the process

  • You will have checklists to help your child stay on track once the initial work is done to help

  • consolidate the improvements

I am also including a number of valuable bonuses with this program.

Bonus 1: A second set of worksheets, spiral bound so they can be used on the go. Keep these in the car or backpack so you can use travel time to make a big difference to their life.

Bonus 2: Unlimited e mail support for 90 days. I know this may be daunting and although I have laid everything out for you step by step, in a simple and easy to follow binder, I know there will be questions that you will have when you start to apply this to your own child. With your purchase you will receive my personal e mail address and have unlimited help available while you implement.

Bonus 3: A copy of my E-Book “Get Great Grades by Studying Smarter Not Harder”. Value $15. This book brings together a number of tactics that will make the difference in how your child approaches their studies.

They will learn:

  • Why HOW they study is as important as WHAT they study
  • How learning styles affect how they should study
  • Simple reading tactics that make memorization a breeze
  • Basic skills for listening, note taking and studying that cuts all the stress out of schoolwork
  • Little known test taking tactics that virtually guarantee better grades

How Much Does This Cost?

I thought for a long time before setting a price for this program. I spent 15 years teaching these techniques to executives and managers developing my knowledge and skill. I spent subsequent years putting together and adapting the material specifically for students. I have pulled together information from different fields and applied it in unique ways that no other student coach delivers.

I know how to help students be successful with less stress!

I don’t want to under value this program – I want you to give serious thought before committing to it. That way you are less likely to buy the program and do nothing with it.

At the same time I want to be able to reach out and help as many kids as I can.

I am making this program available for $199

I know that that may seem like a lot of money. But consider this, private tutors can cost $50 per hour and only improve performance in one subject. For less than the price of 4 hours tutoring you could see an improvement in all subjects and give your child success skills for life.

Or, for a limited time you can spread the payments – 3 monthly payments of $72

Consider the benefits – no more nagging for you, much less stress for your child, the very real possibility that by improving their grades, the college application process will be a lot smoother and you could end up paying less tuition.

So let’s go over again what the program includesFocused Time Management System For School And Beyond

• A binder containing all the worksheets, quizzes and background

• Success flowsheet to guide the process

• A second set of worksheets for you to use on the go

Plus valuable bonuses that will help set the improvements for life

By now hopefully you will understand that this is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future.

There is really NOTHING else out there like my Focused Time Management System for Students Home Study Program.

But if you are still skeptical, I understand. After all this may be the first time you have really heard of me or this program.

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is, by offering….

guaranteeMy personal, Make you happy Satisfaction Guarantee
You get a full 6 months to try my Focused Time Management System for Students Home Study Program. If for some reason it does not meet your expectations or the strategies don’t produce the results you had hoped, just return the program to me in resalable condition and ask me for a prompt refund.

So are you ready to coach your child to success?

Don’t be lulled by the summer vacations!

Now is the perfect time to tackle these issues and be ready to start next term flying! Don’t wait until the poor grades start coming in next term. Act now to ensure your child’s success.

Ready to get started? Or do you still have a few questions?

Q: My child is already feeling overwhelmed so how will we fit this in?

A: The very first step of the program addresses this issue. You will look at what is absolutely essential and what you can cut out temporarily to invest a little time to making the long term difference.

Q: How long does the program take to go through?

A: The program is designed to free up time right from the start so the net time investment for the child is only that first module. 30 minutes would be enough to start seeing a difference. In total the program should take a maximum of 7 hours if you were starting from absolutely no skills (very rare!). This is split into bite size chunks so that it can be applied and the benefits seen at each stage.

Q: What about time needed from the parents?

A: Obviously this depends on the level of independence. With High School Juniors and above the program can be self managed. Younger students may need to be guided through the inputs and the worksheets discussed. On average allow 30 minutes “coaching” time per module.

Q: What happens if we get stuck?

A: E mail me. I care deeply about your success with this program. You will have my personal VIP e mail address, and I will do my best to respond to any query within 24hours.

Q: Can I tailor it to my child?

A: The whole program is designed to be tailored to the individual. There is no “one size fits all”, “my way or the highway here”. Each module is building on your child’s unique personality to build a solution that is just right for them.

Q: My child doesn’t take my advice now, how can I be their coach?

A: I know exactly what you mean! I have been there with my own kids. The important thing here is that you use the program and let them answer the questions. That way it is not “your advice” they are taking it is mine. And by letting them answer the questions they can see that the result is theirs and not imposed on them.

Q: I am not a very organized person. Can I still coach my child?

A: This is an almost ideal situation, since you will have experiences to share with them. Consider going through the program with them and sharing your progress. That way they will see that you really value the skills you are encouraging them to learn. But don’t worry, everything is laid out so you do not need to have a certain level of organization to make it work.

Ready to get started? A clear and untroubled mind is just a few weeks away! I am excited to help your child reach their potential

Yes Julie! I want to help my child learn the time management and organization skills to be successful with
less stress!

For my investment of $199, I understand I’m going to get:
• A complete binder with 7 sections. One for each step.

• Worksheets to walk us through the process

Plus I’m going to get these fantastic bonuses:

• Bonus #1 – A second set of worksheets we can use on the go

• Bonus #2 – Unlimited e mail support for 90 days

• Bonus #3 – E-Book “Get Great Grades by Studying Smarter Not Harder”

And I’m completely covered by your Personal Make You Happy Guarantee, where I have 90 days to get my money back.

$199 (Best Value)*

or, 3 payment of $72 *

Your payment is processed through PayPal on secure servers.

* Plus $6.95 Shipping and handling.
** If you choose a payment plan, please note the payments will be billed at 30 day intervals.

Julie Baird

I am so excited to be helping you in this improvement.

Wishing you Happiness and Success

Julie Baird

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

Your information is kept strictly confidential. & Baird International LLC does not
sell or in any way share your information. We hate spam too. is part of Baird International LLC

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