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There are a number of services and products which are complimentary to the ones offered by The Grade Coach. There is a lot of choice out there and it can be hard to select the good from the bad.

Here are my personal recommendations:

PreCollegePrep - Your Admission Caoch


College admission videos offer a cost-effective way to get professional advice on how to get into the right-fit college and how to pay for it.

Paul Hemphill brings to video his professional marketing experience, college admission coaching, and college financial aid expertise.

Sample videos: Click here for a college admission video and click here for a college financial aid video.


Get the Best Grades with the Least Amount of Effort Dr Marc Dussalt

How To Get The Best Grades

This is a small book which is a pretty easy read. It is a downloadable e book that comes with some free valuable video classes on speed studying and speed reading techniques.

Click Here To Read More About Study Skills!



1-2-3…Get Organized series

will help you organize your life one area at a time.

Bev Coggins  passions are to help people make home a refuge and to help people live in peace rather than chaos. After 30 years of helping people organize themselves, she has written 1-2-3…Get Organized – a series of books and workbooks (both print and downloadable) for those who are overwhelmed at the idea of organizing.

Each book addresses only one area of organizing one’s time or space and is short, colorful, glossy, and contains three steps to accomplishing your organizing goal. These books provide the overwhelmed an alternative to “organize everything” books.

Her works cover college students as well as adults and gives a great coverage of areas to consider. There is even a meal plan book!

Click Here To Read More About 1-2-3 Series !


Parenting Powers

“No Matter How Old Your Teen or How Extreme Your Situation, Now You Can Take Back Your Parenting Powers For Good With These Scientifically Proven Behavior Modification Techniques.”

Susan Epstein and her team offer a variety of solutions to help parents achieve their parenting goals.

Click Here To Read More About Taking Back Your Parenting Powers!


Life SimplifiedLife Simplified

“Life is simple when you remember to breathe.”

Jen Vondenbrink, owner of Life Simplified, helps individuals and small business owners move from chaos to sanity.  Her clients say they feel a sense of calm, balance and rejuvenation in their lives after working with Jen and the Life Simplified customized coaching process.

Click Here To Read More About Simplifying Your Life

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