Time Management For Students

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Is your child overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork required?
  • Meeting deadlines a struggle?
  • Does your child constantly underestimate the amount of work required for project?
  • Everything always left to the last minute?
  • Do you find yourself constantly nagging and fighting with your child?
  • Are you concerned about how they will cope in college or if they will even get in?

Time Management for Students Makes a Huge Difference

As adults in the workplace we learn time management techniques to use our time more effectively to achieve better results. As students our children have a similar need to use their time wisely to achieve the desired results. By learning and applying some simple time management techniques a student’s time can be applied to learning the subjects instead of juggling their workload.

What can I do to help

My time management programs give the student the information they need to be able to understand how they use time and what is currently working or not, and then take that and apply it to each of the learning modules covered in the program.

Time Management For Students Home Study Course

This contains 8 video lessons on CD and a physical binder with 60 pages of notes and worksheets to support the process and provide reference later .  The student can work at their own pace as the program covers the major time management skills in some depth. If the student has a “Read/Write” learning style then this is the package to choose. as the student can follow along in the binder during the Video lessons.  More detail in the program can be found by clicking on this link. Time Management For Students Home Study Course

Time Management For Students E-Course

Weekly information sessions and assignments delivered by e-mail directly to the student. Over course of 8 of weeks the major time management skills will be covered. Each week the lesson will consist of a video along with downloadable worksheets and reports as well as short assignments allowing the lesson to be put into practice in the students own environment. If the student has a largely Visual or Auditory learning style then this package will suit them best as they can absorb the learning without worrying about following notes.

More detail in the program can be found by clicking on this link. Time Management For Students E Course

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