Time Managment Skills For Students Home Study Version

Are you sick of your child coming home with grades that don’t show how smart they really are?

Are you tired of seeing them up all hours of the night trying to keep up with the work?

Have they ever lost grades because they forgot about a test?,  Had no time to study? Forgot their books? Had too many things to do? Got distracted?
This is a common problem among teens. Don’t worry – it is not a measure of how bright they are! School is mainly about how well you play the “school game”. As with any sport there are tactics that need to be learned and used to help them win.

As The Grade Coach I can play the role that a parent struggles with. Much like a coach in sports I coach the student into using the right tactics so their talents can surface.

Time Management For Students is an 8 module course covering the major time management tricks and tips that can make a huge difference to how students approach their studies.

They will learn:

  • To understand themselves and how their use of time influences their results
  • To use time in a way that makes sense for THEM
  • To understand the best times to do specific tasks
  • How to cut down the amount of time spent on homework
  • How to overcome distractions
  • And how to make sure these skills stay in place for good!

This 8 module course covers the most important tips and tricks to make sure you play the game at a professional level and let their true intelligence shine through.

What You Get

  • 8 CD’s with videos of lessons from 15 – 30 minutes covering all the relevant aspects of time management
  • 8 Assignments to allow the learning to become tailored to the individual
  • Binder with 60 pages of notes with tons of detailed tips and tactics under each section relating to the lessons
  • Worksheets to allow the lessons to be applied immediately

This differs from the E-Course version in that the supporting material is much more substantial “Read/Write” learning style student will love this.

So How Much Is It?

The cost of this course was a dilemma for me. It has taken a lot of years experience and many, many hours to put together, but I really want to see as many students getting the benefit from this as possible. So I have set the price at $147

Compare that to the cost of a tutor for a term! And these skills will stay with your child throughout their school career and beyond.

As a special offer FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY I am offering a very special upgrade. For the first 10 programs sold in October I will be offering a Free one to one coaching session with The Grade Coach $75 value!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a paypal account, you can still use a credit card as payment.

PS Don”t forget the earlier you start these valuable lessons the sooner your child will get the grades they deserve.

PPS Buy now while the free coaching is available

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